Accessible Digital Video Libraries for Humans and Machines

Drew Gordon - Data Curator, Databrary Project - NYU

Are our digital video collections machine-readable?



Video In the DPLA

  • 27,099 moving image items (Feb 2016)
  • 17 different providers, 51 different institutions
  • Standardized search, all in one place

Historical GIFs


Challenges to Automated Access to Video Found in the DPLA

  • Not able to store derivatives locally
  • Few direct URLs to video resources in metadata
  • Diversity of delivery platforms at host sites

Looking Ahead

  • Distributed, interoperable collections
  • More accessible to machines from where they already are
  • Allow services from outside to connect to them


  • Open standards
    • HTML 5 <video> element
    • VideoObject properties
  • Provide URL to file in metadata/API

Thank You!